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Neutral makes owning crypto easy. Find your balance.

The First Blockchain-Native Aggregate Financial Instrument

Neutral aims to deliver a better aggregate instrument for consumers and provide a foundation for future decentralized financial products.

Neutral is an entirely new blockchain-native financial instrument. It mimics the properties of a traditional ETF in a completely trustless and fully decentralized way. This construction results in globally-shared liquidity, reduced volatility, a trustless pricing oracle, and frictionless on-chain token exchange.

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For exchanges, Neutral is an exciting new instrument available to market on your exchange. Neutral is an aggregate instrument with lower volatility that creates greater trading volume, larger liquidity pools, and higher engagement from users to differentiate your exchange.


For participants, Neutral is an exciting new instrument that can be used to earn profits from asset price movements. Neutral processes revolve around the profit-seeking behavior of rational arbitrageurs.

Our Team

Experienced team with deep trading and blockchain knowledge.

Matt Branton
Co-founder & CTO
  • (ex) Founder, Ember Financial (smart contracts)
  • (ex) Founder, Coinlock
  • (ex) Co-founder, World Financial Desk (high-frequency trading)
  • (ex) Systems Engineer, EWT (now Virtu Financial)
Guo Chen (Gordon)
Co-founder & CEO
  • (ex) Partner, FBG Capital (premier global crypto fund)
  • (ex) Co-founder, Mega Credit (fintech startup)
  • (ex) Analyst, China Renaissance
Jason Zhang
Co-founder & COO
  • (ex) Investor, Sequoia Capital
  • (ex) Analyst, MSD Capital (Michael Dell's family office)
  • (ex) Co-founder, Crimson Xchange (education startup)
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We are looking for like-minded people to join our mission of building the decentralized financial system.

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